Monday, September 3, 2007

Awake at last!

Noah enjoyed his first Georgia game in his swing (and mostly asleep)!! But he was well prepared with his UGA bib and matching burp cloth, gifts from one of my speech patients! He also enjoyed visits from both of his Daddy's sisters and their families this past weekend. We had a great time being together, and he should feel extremely loved after all the spoiling that went on with his aunts and uncles : )

We've gotten to see Noah awake a little more lately, which is really fun. He's usually happy when he's awake, and will coo and smile when you talk to him - it's adorable! Sometimes we just stand around him and laugh and squeal at the cute noises and faces he makes - he probably thinks we're all crazy! And we are - crazy about him!

Tomorrow Noah will be 5 weeks old - it's hard to believe how fast time passes and how fast babies grow. Wednesday we get to see how much weight he's gained when he goes to the doctor for a checkup, then he'll see his surgeon in Augusta on Thursday - hopefully they'll give us a tentative surgery date while we're there. As you can tell from his chubby cheeks, he seems to be gaining weight very well! Trying to keep him healthy before surgery is proving to be kind of tricky - please don't be offended if you don't see us very much til he's fully recovered - doctor's orders are to steer clear of crowds, so while we can visit Target and the grocery store or mall, but going places where lots of people want to get their hands on him is a big no-no! Don't worry, he'll become more sociable after his last surgery : )

We hope you've had a great Labor Day today. We are filled with gratitude for all we've been given, and pray that your lives are blessed beyond measure.