Monday, August 20, 2007

Growing Strong!

I haven't written since we got home, but we've been pretty busy! As you can see, Noah is eating well, sleeping well, and doing really great!! He is a very sweet baby - he even smiles at us, and it's NOT just a "bubble"...he actually smiles when we talk to him! He really loves his sisters and watches their every move (when he's awake, that is!). We've all adjusted pretty well and enjoy every minute of our days (and nights) with Noah. It's been fun having friends and family come over to meet him and visit with us this past week. You can tell from the pictures that Noah John is living up to the meaning of his name: "Rest, comfort" and "God is gracious". A name never fit anyone so well! God bless you all, and please continue praying for us and for Noah. God's graciousness has been very real to us these past few weeks, and we know He has answered all of our and your prayers!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally Home!!

We left the hospital Saturday morning, and after one final night in Augusta, we are all five - finally - at home in Carrollton! Noah slept through the entire leaving-the-hospital, arriving-at-Grandmama's-house thing, and enjoyed being passed around and loved by our entire Augusta family. It has been so wonderful to have him join our family! Yesterday one of the girls said, "I still can't believe this happened!" - I have to say I agree!! A few short months ago, we had no idea that our summer would end with the arrival of this precious baby boy. God has been faithful, once again, to bless us more than we ever thought possible! Keep checking in, we'll continue to post pictures and let you know how everything is going!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Sorry I don't have any new pictures to show you...don't worry, Noah hasn't changed a whole lot in two days : ) He's doing great, taking his formula well, and completely adorable! I'll try to take some pictures today and post them sometime today or tonight. Please continue to pray that he'll eat more and more and be able to come home soon! It's possible he'll be discharged this weekend - we sure hope so!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Noah continues to improve each day, and he's even gaining weight! Tonight he weighed 8 lbs. just before his bath! Here are some family pictures we wanted to share with you all. He had his first bottle this afternoon, and we found out he really hates the taste of Pedialyte!! Hopefully he'll like formula better - he should be able to have some on Tuesday. Please pray that he'll tolerate his formula and continue to recover as well as he has so far.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sweet sleeping baby

Noah slept a good bit today, but he was put in a regular crib (instead of the warming bassinet he was in before) and we were able to put his own clothes on him for the first time! He looks adorable in his little onesie, hat and booties! Matthew and I both held him for a while tonight, and he was very content to be held and rocked. He likes his pacifier sometimes, but when he decides he doesn't want it, he clamps his gums closed and there's nothing you can do to get him to open up!! We love our sweet baby and can't wait til he's able to come home!

Friday, August 3, 2007

More good news

Noah had a great day and is doing well! Here he is being held by his mommy for the first time since his surgery, and enjoying his paci! As you can see, they took him off of the ventilator. Keep praying - please don't stop! We're sure his progress is due to God answering all of our prayers! He is so good!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday's news

Today was a good one - all vital signs continue to be perfect. They plan on weaning him from the ventilator tonight or tomorrow morning (he had to be on the vent temporarily due to the muscle relaxer they gave him after surgery to keep him still). Mary Kathryn and Claire, as well as my parents and good friend, Gaby, were able to visit with him this afternoon. He's a hit with everyone who meets him : ) The main prayer request now is for his recovery to continue to go well and be really fast - we want him home as soon as possible!! In the next few days we'll post some new pictures to share with everyone.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A busy day

Well, here we are at the end of a very busy day! Noah underwent surgery this afternoon to correct a congenital intestinal malformation, and he is resting well in the NICU. He did great during the surgery, and is expected to make a full recovery - praise the Lord! We're not sure exactly how long he'll be in the hospital, but probably at least one to two weeks. We're pretty exhausted and plan to get some much needed sleep tonight : ) We so appreciate your calls and emails - it means so much to know how much everyone cares for us and our new baby boy. We're sorry we can't return all of your calls or talk to each one of you - I'm sure you understand how pulled-in-every-direction we are right now! Love to you all, and keep praying!