Monday, August 20, 2007

Growing Strong!

I haven't written since we got home, but we've been pretty busy! As you can see, Noah is eating well, sleeping well, and doing really great!! He is a very sweet baby - he even smiles at us, and it's NOT just a "bubble"...he actually smiles when we talk to him! He really loves his sisters and watches their every move (when he's awake, that is!). We've all adjusted pretty well and enjoy every minute of our days (and nights) with Noah. It's been fun having friends and family come over to meet him and visit with us this past week. You can tell from the pictures that Noah John is living up to the meaning of his name: "Rest, comfort" and "God is gracious". A name never fit anyone so well! God bless you all, and please continue praying for us and for Noah. God's graciousness has been very real to us these past few weeks, and we know He has answered all of our and your prayers!

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