Sunday, December 7, 2008

We're going home tomorrow - Praise God! This morning the doctor came by and said that Noah's white count has gone down to the normal range, so he's having his last I.V. medicines right now (it's 3:30pm) and will have his 1st oral meds tonight at bedtime. As long as all goes well tonight, we'll be home sometime tomorrow - yay! He has been so active ("wild" would be a better word to use there) the last few days, I secretly wonder if the nurses on this unit paid the doctors to falsify the test results so that we could leave the poor nurses alone : ) Actually, I believe that God has graciously answered our and your prayers over the last week, and that He will continue to do so. It's almost surreal to be able to think about leaving this hospital. I probably won't continue to update this blog every day like I have been while we've been here, but I'll try to at least once or twice before his next (and hopefully LAST!) surgery. And I'll try to put some pictures up, too.
Have a blessed Christmas season celebrating the birth of our Savior! And thank you again for your continued prayers for the health of our little boy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Noah has enjoyed his whole family being here to chase him around! Matthew, Mary Kathryn and Claire are leaving after the SEC Championship game ends, and it will be back to just Noah and me - and any visitors that drop by! My parents seem to be tireless when it comes to helping out their children, and have given me the breaks I need to make it through each day while I'm here alone...I can never thank them enough.
We have really had a good visit. Noah was thrilled when they arrived last night, running around and squealing, smiling, and even bumping his head on a table leg leading to a goose egg that freaked the nurse out, causing her to call the doctor on-call. Such fun on a Friday night, who can stand it?? : ) Noah was fine after a few seconds of crying. It was his first real bump-on-the-head, so kind of unsettling for his mommy and daddy, but he's totally fine! He slept pretty well, but when a nurse came in at 5:20 am, he woke up, saw his daddy lying in the bed near the window, and never went back to sleep til after 10 am! They had fun together this morning, and Matthew even got to help torture Noah while 3 nurses attempted (and finally succeeded) to place a new I.V. line. While all of that was going on, I went to my parents' house, washed clothes, got everything gathered up from their house, and loaded up the van for my little family to go home tonight.
They will get home late, then be up early for Claire to be at church for the children's Christmas program at both services. My mom (once again, with energy from Above - that's the only place it could come from!) altered the woman's size 12 (!!!!) angel costume to fit our tiny little angel, Claire, so she can do her part(s) in the program. I think this will be the first time I've ever missed something like this for one of my children...hmmmm, that makes me sad. If you're there, clap extra loud so it will sound like I'm there, too!
Our BIG prayer request for Noah tonight is that his white blood count will go back down to normal so that we can maybe get out of here very soon! We can't thank you enough for praying for us when we are out of energy to pray for ourselves. It means more than you can know! Great is Thy Faithfulness, Oh God My Father!
Love from the Piquettes,

Friday, December 5, 2008

Daddy and Sisters are almost here!

Matthew and the girls should arrive around 6-something...I keep asking Noah if he's ready to see them, and he just looks around and smiles and obviously thinks I'm crazy because he knows they're not here right now : ) Sleeping in his grandmama's arms (his new favorite place to be) as I sit at the computer, he's been very happy and active today! His diet is now normal, but lab work today shows that his white blood count is a little elevated. The dr. assured me this is fine, it's the expected course, but we do want to pray hard that it will go down...the sooner it's normal, the sooner we get to bust this joint!!
Did I mention that Uncle John, Aunt Michelle, and cousins John, Conner, and Hudson came to visit last night bearing gifts: a little ball (which he loves! My job is to keep him from throwing it into another patient's room!! This is no small task!) and a little Christmas tree complete with lights and ornaments. It's adorable and will be his forever. My mom wanted him to have a tree, and when Michelle heard about it, took off (as only she can - she's a super shopper!) and found just what we wanted.
In other news, Noah became an Honorary Submariner today when a retired navy submariner who volunteers here came by and gave him a ball cap, certificate, and detailed picture of a submarine. An unusual title to acquire while hospitalized, but another little something he can keep (as long as he promises me he'll never "join up" and go far, far away to protect our country : ) ) Unless he really wants to and God tells him he must.
When the rest of my family arrives, I may spend even less time updating this blog. But if there's something significant to say or prayer request to add, I will do so. Don't stop praying!
We know that Noah's progress is due to God's great mercy and grace in answering the prayers of you righteous loved ones!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Free at Last!

Today Noah's doctor agreed to let him be unhooked from his I.V. except for when he's getting his antibiotics - woo hoo! He was able to eat a lot today and run around free of his tubing. The nurses couldn't believe it was the same child : ) I'm short on time tonight - thank you for your prayers and help and love and emails and phone calls. May God bless each of you as He has blessed us through you.Love in Him,Ashley

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today was pretty eventful, the main event consisting of an I.V. tubing that came unattached from Noah's I.V. and sent blood shooting onto the floor...the nurses were calm and no damage was done, thank goodness! Noah slept alot this afternoon and has been pretty irritable since he woke up, but he DID enjoy the milkshake and pudding he was allowed to eat this evening. He desperately wanted the home-baked banana bread my cousin brought to us (and of course he can't have it yet), so I left the room to eat the steak and baked potato my dad brought (He really did!! I'm going to eat my way to Noah's health!! If you are hungry in the next few days, come by and see me - I am very blessed and thankful to have food to share!!)
We ask that you would please pray for Noah to avoid any hospital-type infection as well as for his medications to continue to fight the infection and that he would recover quickly and easily. Please pray for my parents, too, as they could easily wear themselves out trying to help me while also working and helping to take care of my grandmother who is not in good health. Their love for Noah (and me) is compelling them to be here a lot with him - what a loved little boy! I also would appreciate your prayers for Matthew, Mary Kathryn and Claire as their lives are a little crazy this week. Several dear friends are making the girls be able to have a little fun while Matthew is at work - thank you all! They will be traveling here Friday afternoon and I want to pray for them to arrive safely : )
Noah enjoyed playing in the playroom with Uncle John and Aunt Michelle today, and throwing Grandaddy's hat on the floor repeatedly - ewwww! I hope it's washable, but I'm afraid it's not!
My email inbox is overflowing with love notes from all of you...I will print every one and save them for Noah to read when he's big enough to understand : ) We truly appreciate your kindness to us...and especially your prayers to our Great God for Noah's recovery!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear friends and family,
Noah is ending his 1st day of major antibiotic therapy and is (hopefully!) getting ready to fall asleep while he watches Frosty the Snowman on Grandmama's lap : ) He has been o.k. today, but was very sad a little earlier tonight when he began squeezing his left wrist just below his I.V. The nurses removed it and started a new line in his other arm, and the difference in him was immediate and amazing! Now that his I.V. isn't hurting, he's wild and happy! We took him to the playroom where he "vroom-vroomed" every car they have and threw various toys around while babbling and dancing. He was allowed to eat a clear liquid diet today - he ate his yellow jello and lemon Italian ice as if they were the best steak he had ever eaten! God is answering all of our prayers, and we thank you for joining with us in praying for Noah!
Thanks also for all the emails, phone calls and visits. I'm afraid the only way to be certain to talk to me is if you can stop's hard to get a turn on the computer, and sometimes answering the phone is almost impossible with all the activity going on in Noah's room. Just know that I hear every message, read every email, and appreciate your love and prayers more than you'll ever know. I'll update again tomorrow : )
Love, love, love,
Ashley for Baby Noah

Monday, December 1, 2008

Noah's adventure

Hello friends,
We wanted to let you all know what's going on with us. We are in the hospital in Augusta (where we were spending Thanksgiving with my familiy) with Noah, who was admitted Saturday night with unexplained fever and abdominal pain. There are many details and cute stories (like when my sweet baby, who has had no food or drink since Saturday afternoon, signed "More!" to the nurse today when she gave him some Tylenol!!) but here's the bottom line: Noah's appendix has ruptured! This is apparently very rare in babies, but then, Noah doesn't like to do anything the normal way : ) We will be here for him to receive triple IV antibiotics for 7-10 days, then home with 2 oral antibiotics for several weeks. When the infection has cleared, 6 weeks later, we will return for him to have his appendix removed. This will be a pretty long process, and we covet your prayers.
If you know Noah, he's not real big on lying in a bed connected to tubes and wires! But since he doesn't feel very well, he's been handling it pretty well. Matthew and the girls are returning to Carrollton tonight and will come back to Augusta on Friday. Several sweet friends have volunteered to keep them busy and get them where they need to be while Matthew works. O.K., they didn't actually volunteer, but they graciously said they'd be glad to help : )
Thanks for caring about us and praying for our family, especially Noah during this time. The Lord has been so sweet to us in many ways, such as planning ahead for Noah's surgeon (from when he had his previous surgeries last year) to be the on-call doctor when we arrived Saturday night. There are many other examples... He is Good.