Saturday, December 6, 2008

Noah has enjoyed his whole family being here to chase him around! Matthew, Mary Kathryn and Claire are leaving after the SEC Championship game ends, and it will be back to just Noah and me - and any visitors that drop by! My parents seem to be tireless when it comes to helping out their children, and have given me the breaks I need to make it through each day while I'm here alone...I can never thank them enough.
We have really had a good visit. Noah was thrilled when they arrived last night, running around and squealing, smiling, and even bumping his head on a table leg leading to a goose egg that freaked the nurse out, causing her to call the doctor on-call. Such fun on a Friday night, who can stand it?? : ) Noah was fine after a few seconds of crying. It was his first real bump-on-the-head, so kind of unsettling for his mommy and daddy, but he's totally fine! He slept pretty well, but when a nurse came in at 5:20 am, he woke up, saw his daddy lying in the bed near the window, and never went back to sleep til after 10 am! They had fun together this morning, and Matthew even got to help torture Noah while 3 nurses attempted (and finally succeeded) to place a new I.V. line. While all of that was going on, I went to my parents' house, washed clothes, got everything gathered up from their house, and loaded up the van for my little family to go home tonight.
They will get home late, then be up early for Claire to be at church for the children's Christmas program at both services. My mom (once again, with energy from Above - that's the only place it could come from!) altered the woman's size 12 (!!!!) angel costume to fit our tiny little angel, Claire, so she can do her part(s) in the program. I think this will be the first time I've ever missed something like this for one of my children...hmmmm, that makes me sad. If you're there, clap extra loud so it will sound like I'm there, too!
Our BIG prayer request for Noah tonight is that his white blood count will go back down to normal so that we can maybe get out of here very soon! We can't thank you enough for praying for us when we are out of energy to pray for ourselves. It means more than you can know! Great is Thy Faithfulness, Oh God My Father!
Love from the Piquettes,

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