Friday, December 5, 2008

Daddy and Sisters are almost here!

Matthew and the girls should arrive around 6-something...I keep asking Noah if he's ready to see them, and he just looks around and smiles and obviously thinks I'm crazy because he knows they're not here right now : ) Sleeping in his grandmama's arms (his new favorite place to be) as I sit at the computer, he's been very happy and active today! His diet is now normal, but lab work today shows that his white blood count is a little elevated. The dr. assured me this is fine, it's the expected course, but we do want to pray hard that it will go down...the sooner it's normal, the sooner we get to bust this joint!!
Did I mention that Uncle John, Aunt Michelle, and cousins John, Conner, and Hudson came to visit last night bearing gifts: a little ball (which he loves! My job is to keep him from throwing it into another patient's room!! This is no small task!) and a little Christmas tree complete with lights and ornaments. It's adorable and will be his forever. My mom wanted him to have a tree, and when Michelle heard about it, took off (as only she can - she's a super shopper!) and found just what we wanted.
In other news, Noah became an Honorary Submariner today when a retired navy submariner who volunteers here came by and gave him a ball cap, certificate, and detailed picture of a submarine. An unusual title to acquire while hospitalized, but another little something he can keep (as long as he promises me he'll never "join up" and go far, far away to protect our country : ) ) Unless he really wants to and God tells him he must.
When the rest of my family arrives, I may spend even less time updating this blog. But if there's something significant to say or prayer request to add, I will do so. Don't stop praying!
We know that Noah's progress is due to God's great mercy and grace in answering the prayers of you righteous loved ones!

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