Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Noah's first Easter was another special day! Claire got baptized (here she's holding the certificate she received)! Noah actually slept through the entire church service, but at least he was quiet and I was able to sit in the sanctuary for a change!

Noah's dedication

In mid-February, we formally dedicated Noah to the Lord in a service at our church. My parents and three Augusta nephews joined us and it was a very special day! (In this family photo you can see that I'm officially the 3rd tallest in our family now!) On the Saturday before St. Patrick's day, Claire performed with her Irish dancing class at a pub on the square - you can see by the look on Noah's face (blue bib) that she did a great job!

Daddy-Daughter Dances #2

Here are the shots of Mary Kathryn and Matthew! If you've ever seen Matthew and I stand side-by-side, you may remember that I only come up to about his shoulder...yes, MK has surpassed me in the height department by about 2 or 3 inches! I knew this day would come, and I'm happy for her : )

Daddy-Daughter Dances

Sorry for the empty blog I accidentally sent a little while ago...here are some recent pictures for your entertainment! Every February, Matthew takes the girls to the Daddy-Daughter Dance sponsored by the Carrollton rec department. It's a very special night for them all, with new dresses, dinner out, corsages, and lots of dancing and fun! Here are Claire and Matthew; you'll see Mary Kathryn in the next post!