Monday, January 23, 2012


Based on the title of this post, I bet you thought I had suddenly become an expert on keeping house. Sorry to disappoint, but this is actually BLOG housekeeping. Not nearly as exciting as a clean house, but it must be done.

I have tried my best to figure out how to keep the email replies from this blog from going to all of you...but I can't do it! All I know to tell you is that if you want to stop receiving them, I think you can scroll down to the bottom of one of those emails and click on a link that will let you unsubscribe. That way you can come read the blog whenever you want to without being bombarded with stuff you don't want. Will someone let me know if this works? Thanks so much, and Happy Rainy Monday! :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ahem. But I'll never forget!

I'm not going to write a long story about why I...ahem...haven't posted in approximately two years. I'm moving on :)

Today is the one year anniversary of the day that the (now) 17-year old Mary Kathryn got her driver's license. So today she can legally, officially drive around with up to three non-relatives in her car. She did so tonight...on the wet, slick roads, in the dark. It made me feel sick to my stomach, and it made me pray like crazy. Then, because she's really sweet and thoughtful and probably knew I was a wreck, she texted me as soon as they got back from picking up their Chinese take-out. Whew. Why do I wonder where all these gray hairs are coming from?? In time, she won't remember that she drove to Cathy Ho's Chinese Restaurant with two of her friends on this night, but I will never forget. :)

Early this morning, there was a storm, complete with loud thunder and light-up-the-almost-morning-sky lightning. I found Claire, just barely 13, and sweet even in her sleep, in bed with Noah, wondering if he was afraid of the storm, so she climbed into bed with him just in case. This made him angry for some reason! He stomped out of his room, and when he didn't come back right away, Claire asked if we should check on him. He was sitting at my Grandmama's old telephone table in the hallway outside his room, arms folded across his chest, face scrunched up, tense, so upset that his sister had gotten in his bed. One day he will recognize all the ways he is loved! When I told this story tonight to the two of them, Claire didn't even remember it had happened, so sleepy she had been! But I'll never forget. :)

And Noah. My baby is 4 1/2 this month, and I don't know how that's possible! Before a dear friend's wedding last weekend, he promised me that he would never grow up and get married and leave me. I am fully aware of what he's not, that he WILL grow up and get married and leave me. And he won't remember making that promise to his mommy, whose heart almost couldn't take it. But I will never forget that on the day of Lauren's wedding, he didn't want to ever leave me. :)

When each of my children was really little and would say and do cute or funny or sweet things, people always asked me, "Are you writing this down somewhere?". I was never very good at doing that! Here's hoping that now that I'm on my third (and most probably last - there, I said it!) child, I'll never forget to "write" all of these memories down on this blog, because I truly don't want to forget a minute of all this growing up that's going on around here!