Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear friends and family,
Noah is ending his 1st day of major antibiotic therapy and is (hopefully!) getting ready to fall asleep while he watches Frosty the Snowman on Grandmama's lap : ) He has been o.k. today, but was very sad a little earlier tonight when he began squeezing his left wrist just below his I.V. The nurses removed it and started a new line in his other arm, and the difference in him was immediate and amazing! Now that his I.V. isn't hurting, he's wild and happy! We took him to the playroom where he "vroom-vroomed" every car they have and threw various toys around while babbling and dancing. He was allowed to eat a clear liquid diet today - he ate his yellow jello and lemon Italian ice as if they were the best steak he had ever eaten! God is answering all of our prayers, and we thank you for joining with us in praying for Noah!
Thanks also for all the emails, phone calls and visits. I'm afraid the only way to be certain to talk to me is if you can stop by...it's hard to get a turn on the computer, and sometimes answering the phone is almost impossible with all the activity going on in Noah's room. Just know that I hear every message, read every email, and appreciate your love and prayers more than you'll ever know. I'll update again tomorrow : )
Love, love, love,
Ashley for Baby Noah

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