Monday, December 1, 2008

Noah's adventure

Hello friends,
We wanted to let you all know what's going on with us. We are in the hospital in Augusta (where we were spending Thanksgiving with my familiy) with Noah, who was admitted Saturday night with unexplained fever and abdominal pain. There are many details and cute stories (like when my sweet baby, who has had no food or drink since Saturday afternoon, signed "More!" to the nurse today when she gave him some Tylenol!!) but here's the bottom line: Noah's appendix has ruptured! This is apparently very rare in babies, but then, Noah doesn't like to do anything the normal way : ) We will be here for him to receive triple IV antibiotics for 7-10 days, then home with 2 oral antibiotics for several weeks. When the infection has cleared, 6 weeks later, we will return for him to have his appendix removed. This will be a pretty long process, and we covet your prayers.
If you know Noah, he's not real big on lying in a bed connected to tubes and wires! But since he doesn't feel very well, he's been handling it pretty well. Matthew and the girls are returning to Carrollton tonight and will come back to Augusta on Friday. Several sweet friends have volunteered to keep them busy and get them where they need to be while Matthew works. O.K., they didn't actually volunteer, but they graciously said they'd be glad to help : )
Thanks for caring about us and praying for our family, especially Noah during this time. The Lord has been so sweet to us in many ways, such as planning ahead for Noah's surgeon (from when he had his previous surgeries last year) to be the on-call doctor when we arrived Saturday night. There are many other examples... He is Good.

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