Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today was pretty eventful, the main event consisting of an I.V. tubing that came unattached from Noah's I.V. and sent blood shooting onto the floor...the nurses were calm and no damage was done, thank goodness! Noah slept alot this afternoon and has been pretty irritable since he woke up, but he DID enjoy the milkshake and pudding he was allowed to eat this evening. He desperately wanted the home-baked banana bread my cousin brought to us (and of course he can't have it yet), so I left the room to eat the steak and baked potato my dad brought (He really did!! I'm going to eat my way to Noah's health!! If you are hungry in the next few days, come by and see me - I am very blessed and thankful to have food to share!!)
We ask that you would please pray for Noah to avoid any hospital-type infection as well as for his medications to continue to fight the infection and that he would recover quickly and easily. Please pray for my parents, too, as they could easily wear themselves out trying to help me while also working and helping to take care of my grandmother who is not in good health. Their love for Noah (and me) is compelling them to be here a lot with him - what a loved little boy! I also would appreciate your prayers for Matthew, Mary Kathryn and Claire as their lives are a little crazy this week. Several dear friends are making the girls be able to have a little fun while Matthew is at work - thank you all! They will be traveling here Friday afternoon and I want to pray for them to arrive safely : )
Noah enjoyed playing in the playroom with Uncle John and Aunt Michelle today, and throwing Grandaddy's hat on the floor repeatedly - ewwww! I hope it's washable, but I'm afraid it's not!
My email inbox is overflowing with love notes from all of you...I will print every one and save them for Noah to read when he's big enough to understand : ) We truly appreciate your kindness to us...and especially your prayers to our Great God for Noah's recovery!

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