Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby Shower!

The picture of the hostesses are (L to R): Cindy, Elise, Deanna, Kelli, me, Pam, and Ivie - wonderful friends who know how to throw a party! : )

The girls enjoyed opening the gifts! And my mom seems as happy about the arrival of her 8th grandchild as she was about each of the others - what a blessing!

Well, it took me a while, but here are a few pictures from the baby shower our church gave a couple of Sundays ago! Our sweet friends quickly put together a wonderful shower with great food (always important for me!) and millions of much-needed and much-appreciated gifts. It was so nice to celebrate with all of these ladies who mean so much to our family.

The phone call from our birth mother after her doctor's appointment today brought some exciting news - she will be admitted to the hospital next Thursday after her appointment to have her labor induced!!! Please pray for a smooth, easy, safe labor and delivery for her and for the baby. We'll probably travel Thursday, even though it's pretty safe to guess the baby won't really arrive til sometime on Friday. Wow - we're down to the last few days, and I think we're just about ready. So the answer to "Can you prepare for a baby in less than 2 months?" is "YES!" We have diapers, wipes, clothes, towels, a bassinet, a crib (Matthew bought it and set it up just the other night - it looks beautiful!), and tons of other baby items. Watch your inbox, because it looks like we'll be sending an actual baby picture soon!!

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