Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blog start-up!

Hello everyone! I'm muddling through how to get this going, so hopefully you'll all receive this and understand how it works. As I mentioned on the initial email we sent, if you notice that I've forgotten anyone, just send me their email address and I can add them to the list. There are not currently any pictures on our blog site, but hopefully we'll figure that part out soon.

Our newest addition is due in just under 4 weeks!!! We're busily emptying what Claire calls the "junk" out of the baby's room and beginning to fill it with baby stuff. Both Mary Kathryn and Claire have enjoyed finding old, forgotten toys, pictures and various other items (that had mysteriously disappeared!) as we clean out the room - it's called several names: "the junk room", "Claire's old room", and now "the baby's room". My mom is arriving Thursday (thank goodness!) to help paint, organize, and generally keep me sane! Matthew painted the closet Saturday - it amazes me how 10 years of being used for basically nothing but storage can make the walls in a closet become so marked up and dirty!!! So now it's ready to store baby items - yay!

We haven't fully decided on a name for our little baby boy, but we'll let you know when it's final.
I guess it's possible that will be when he's born - sorry for the delay! The baby's birthmother has an unltrasound and Dr. appointment scheduled for this Thursday (July 5th) and the next 3 Fridays after that (July 13th, 20th, and 27th). If there's anything interesting to let you know about those appointments, I'll send along the information : )

We love you all and appreciate your interest!
Ashley for M, MK, and C

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