Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Surgery Time!

We've had a busy (but good) couple of days here at the Children's Medical Center, and we know that it is due to all of your prayers - thank you so much! Noah has won the hearts of all the nurses with his sweet smiles and "talking"!
His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 7:30 and should last for about 2 hours. We'll be able to be with him in the recovery room soon after his surgery ends, so we should be with him when he wakes up. Hopefully we'll be back in his regular room before lunchtime!
We're about to turn out the lights and sleep a little while before our hungry little baby wakes up to drink his Pedialyte - yuck! Thank you again for your prayers - we can feel God answering every one!! Keep on praying - we'll update you tomorrow after surgery!

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