Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day in Athens

Last Monday, Noah had his post-op appointment in Athens (it was closer than going all the way to Augusta!), so we decided to make a day of it. We saw the doctor who assisted with his appendectomy and Noah was once again released from their care...hopefully for the last time! He is doing great, as busy as ever, and other than a little case of the sniffles, very healthy. We couldn't be more thankful to God for preserving his life - for the second time in 18 months! - and bringing him through this ordeal stronger than ever. We believe that God must have some amazing things planned for our little guy and can't wait to see how his life unfolds! Noah is now saying several words in addition to using several signs spontaneously..."juice" and "shoes" (two of his favorite words) sound suspiciously alike, as do "football" and "foul ball" (two of his other favorite words). Other much-used words are "Mama", "Dada/Daddy", "Sissy" (sounds like "Diddy", very cute), "Claire" (sounds like "Deh?", always like a question), "yum yum", "no no", "bye-bye", "uh oh" (this one is used often everyday...when you're as busy as he is, there are plenty of opportunities for "uh ohs"!), "moo", "moon", "Bible", "bowl", "meow", "woof", "puppy", "peas" and "please" (both pronounced exactly the same way), and he signs "more", "please", "all done/all gone", and "thank you" (sometimes - we're working on this one). He's a great little dancer and loves music...and the Wii! Two of his favorite pasttimes! Looking at his sweet face, you'd never believe he would ever be anything but gentle and kind, but don't be fooled! After he hits someone or throws something at someone or in some other way hurts someone (when I say "someone", I mean "usually Claire", whom he ADORES!! It makes NO sense!), he immediately lays his head on that person's shoulder and "apologizes"'s very endearing and causes you to quickly forget whatever he did to prompt such sweet repentance : )

We wanted to make some stops around Athens that we don't usually have time for on game days, so after Noah's appointment, we stopped by the Theta house and I gave the girls a tour. Not much has changed in 19 years!! The dining room still looked and smelled the same (yummy - it was nearly lunchtime!), and when we walked up to the 3rd floor (where we found all four of my composite pictures), it was like flashback city for me!! The sound of the shower running, girls heading out to class in kind of bummy clothes, the window at the end of the hallway where I would watch for Matthew to drive up for a visit, all of the memories came flooding back, and it was really fun and special. Matthew and Noah hung out in the chapter room and Noah entertained various girls walking through...I bet they thought their boyfriends were the cutest boys to wait in the chapter room til they saw Noah (and Matthew!!). : )

Lunch at The Grill...we all loved our burgers and fries and Noah made it through (almost) the whole meal without having a little fit. Matthew and I discovered and LOVED the feta cheese dip for the fries...heavenly! We almost ordered a milkshake and then decided our $4 + would be better spent at Hodgson's Pharmacy. So after visiting the Old Athens Cemetary (that sounds so morbid, but it was listed in our Georgia History curriculum as a field trip and I used to walk through it as a child with my family before/after games, so it was another nostalgic stop for me!), we bought everyone a cheap (and very delicious!) ice cream cone at Hodgson's. For those of you who remember the 25 cent cones from the '80's, you'll be disappointed to know that they're now $1...but we didn't mind and Noah LOVED all of the pictures of Hairy Dog and the cheerleaders and ran around pointing and saying "FOOTBALL!!!" The picture on this blogpost is kind of far away, but you can click on it and be able to see it a little better.

Soon we'll post some pictures of the Daddy-Daughter Dance from this past Thursday night, but for now we wanted to let you know that Noah is all well and that we GREATLY appreciate your prayers. We firmly believe that his progress and health are due to God's graciousness and love in answering all of your prayers. We are also aware that He could have chosen to demonstrate his love in vastly different ways (ways that I shudder, in my humanness, to think of. However, as hard as it is to say, we would love and serve Him, although brokenly and much more desperately, had things turned out not how we wanted). We are forever thankful that His mercy toward Noah (and us) has allowed Noah to live abundantly and well.

Have a wonderul week - we love you all and pray for you to blessed by the love of Jesus!

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