Thursday, October 4, 2007

Post-op report #2

Whew, I think we're past the roughest part of this whole process...Noah seemed uncomfortable much of yesterday and last night, and was happiest when being held. Needless to say, the rocking chair in our room is just a tad short of being comfy, so while he slept in my arms, I wished desperately to be asleep!! However, when morning came, Noah began acting more like himself, and has spent most of today awake, happy, smiling, and cooing just like old times : )
He has every reason to be miserable, but he's really a trooper. He enjoyed his visitors today and has only needed Tylenol (nothing stronger, thank God) for whatever pain he may be feeling. We're so relieved that he doesn't seem to be having much pain - it would be really hard to see him suffer, he's so sweet and precious! If he's hungry, he's not complaining : )
Thanks to everyone - we love you all and appreciate your concern and prayers more than you'll ever know! Please don't stop praying for Noah to completely recover quickly. Please know that we would call each of you one by one if we could, but these updates will have to do for now!!

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