Saturday, October 6, 2007

Post-op report #3

Lots has happened since I posted a report on Thursday! Noah's nasogastric tube and heart monitor were removed yesterday, and he was able to drink a tiny bit of Pedialyte this morning - his first food by mouth since 3:30am on Wednesday!!! If he tolerates that well for 3 feedings (10am, 1pm, and 4pm), he can have a little formula for 3 feedings, then they'll up the amount til it reaches a normal amount. YAHOO!! But don't stop praying - his body must digest what he takes in and he needs to be able to have normal output before he's out of the woods. So far, so good - we've NEVER been so excited about changing dirty diapers : ) He's been amazingly happy and content in spite of all he's been through and we KNOW that's because God is so good to answer each of our prayers so mercifully. We'll keep you posted as he continues to improve.

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