Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big News Again

In the previous post, I forgot to tell you the big news. Here it is: Noah slept for 8 hours - did you catch that? E-I-G-H-T hours!!!- last night (Saturday)!!! That is the longest he's ever slept at one time, and let me tell you, I felt like a new woman all day today! Now, I'm well aware that it was probably a fluke, and it probably won't happen again for a while, but I was still VERY excited and wanted to share that with everyone : )

I also somehow deleted these pictures from the last post, so here they are. Mary Kathryn and Claire were able to be with us at the hospital for at least a little while every day, and here they are with Noah - their beloved little live baby doll! - a couple of days after his surgery. They are the best big sisters, I don't know what I (or Noah!) would do without them!

Finally, from the look on Noah's face, you can tell he was thrilled to meet his Piquette grandparents for the first time. We enjoyed their visit so much! Matthew's dad became a grandpa for the first time over 30 years ago, and he seemed just as thrilled with his 11th grandchild as I'm sure he was with his first : ) Grandma Ruthie enjoyed holding Noah and feeding him, and he loved her right back!

Love to you all! We'll be in touch soon!

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