Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big News!

One month is a really long time in the life of a 3-month old, isn't it? And no updates during that month is probably really irritating to blog-readers, isn't it? : ) To appease you, here are some pictures from the last month - Noah has really grown a lot! His recovery has gone amazingly well, and exactly two weeks after his surgery, his doctor released him from his care! This first picture shows his surgeon holding him after his final visit. We are so thankful for him and the excellent care he took with our baby.
The very next day, Noah's adoption became final!! Talk about wrapping everything up all at once! The second picture shows us outside the courthouse with our attorney. We were so thrilled that there were no complications whatsoever with the adoption process, another blessing we give thanks for daily. It's wonderful to have the newest little Piquette in our home! Halloween was a fun night, with our girls as a "French Girl" and "Girl Pirate", and Noah as a "Pea-in-a-Pod". He slept through most of the evening - this is our only picture of him with his eyes open while wearing his costume!

I will try to post more often (and with more pictures), but I can't promise much! Things are pretty busy around here almost every day, and most days, it's rare for me to do anything on the computer other than write a speech report!

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