Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long time, no post!

Hello! Wow, 10 months really fly by when nothing very exciting is going on : ) We've had no surgeries, hospital appointments, or new children added to our family in quite a while, and it's been hard to find time to write about, well, nothing! Of course, it's not really nothing, it's just normal life. And normal life is incredible busy!

I'm thinking about changing this blog: the name, the layout, everything. We're beyond thrilled that God allowed us to adopt Noah, but at this stage in the game, still focusing on his adoption (as in the blog title "Adopted in Love") is kind of like still focusing on how long Mary Kathryn's fingers were when she was born, or the fact that Claire had NO eyelashes at birth, but within a few weeks, she had eyelashes that we were all envious of (and still are, by the way!). The point is that he's our little different than the girls are our (big?) girls, and having a blog that focuses on his adoption is no longer where we are. Adoption is simply the method by which God placed Noah in our family, in the same way that pregnancy is how we got the girls : )

I'd like to do a blog that chronicles our family as our children grow up (this may have something to do with my failure as a baby-book-/scrapbook person...I can get really sad if I think of all I haven't done!) so we can look back and never forget! So, don't hold your breath (seriously, PLEASE don't - you might not survive), but you can possibly look for some changes - and hopefully more frequent posts! - to this blog soon.


Michelle said...

Love your blog and I can relate to your sentiments. There comes a point when "adoption" just doesn't seem to be the focus it shouldn't!

I wish people would quit asking me about why my kids look "different". Can't they just accept that they look different and they are mine? I'm not by any means ashamed of adoption, but I wish the focus was more on them just being one of the Shultz's rather than the need to point out that they are "different". They don't feel different to me...they are just one of mine:)

Sorry about rambling!

Michelle said...

LOL, I just realized I spelled my own name wrong! How funny:)